Who made a visual difference in 2010?

Design Journal is compiling a list of visual newsmakers for 2010 and wants your ideas. (Illustration by Michael Hogue)

SND Design Journal editor Suzette Moyer is compiling a list of visual newsmakers for 2010 and wants your ideas.

Maybe it was a person or group who launched a successful or radical redesign. How about a publication doing great, inspiring work across platforms? Maybe a company coming up with new, innovative or controversial ways to tell stories. Or a designer who consistently kicks ass! An inspiring author, maybe? Or someone who’s still producing great work under almost impossible constraints.

Or maybe it’s you.

This is not just confined to the world of journalism or people who primarily work in the visual world. Who inspires you?

Please make suggestions with a brief description about why this person or people have made a difference in 2010 and send them to Suzette. There’s a chance you’ll see the suggestion in the next issue of Design.

If you have suggestions, put them in the comment field here or email Suzette at [email protected] by February 18.

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is creative director at the Dallas Business News and immediate past-president of SND.


One of the great visual achievements of 2010 in newspapers was the work of Steve Breen, editorial cartoonist for The San Diego Union-Tribune. His portfolio of work throughout the year was outstanding, but particularly, the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner’s five-piece series of editorial cartoons on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster in which he used actual oil from the ocean surface to paint his cartoons was as poignant as it was creative. To complete his year, his print and online interactive cartoon, “Living in the Shadows,” through his own reporting, featured profiles of undocumented workers living in San Diego area.

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