TREND WATCH: Mega pages blanket the competition

Over the years we’ve seen some interesting composited posters — entries made up of many pages, that together form a larger whole. They’ve taken many shapes — long horizontals, illustrated life-size Michael Jordans (circa 1998), and even a 60-piece hand-drawn installment project from China chronicling the 60 years leading up to last year’s anniversary (2010 gold winner). We’ve seen mega-graphics from Spain. And later the Middle East. And more recently from China.

But things are, frankly, getting out of hand.

At SND32 we’ve spotted dozens of these ambitious mega-page entries. It’s gotten so you almost can’t turn around without getting covered by one in nearly every category.

Something must be done.

We here at the SND IWD (International Web Desk) think we have a solution. We plan to propose a new category to the SND Competition Committee for inclusion in next year’s call for entries: Category 20 — The Mega Pages. We’ve started to debate whether total page count is enough of a yardstick to measure these concoctions against each other, but that might not be fair when you begin to size up tabloids versus broadsheets versus those massive 18-column European grande broadsheets. So we’ve settled on an approach that will compare total surface area covered by each entry. Now we just have to settle on square inches versus square picas. The picas camp just won’t let go of the old style of measurement, arguing that picas still offer a better chance to get an exact measurement. Perhaps ciceros will break the deadlock, we’ll see…

A few of the mega-pages we’ve seen so far this year:

"Big Cuz," Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader

The Cleveland Plain Dealer's David Kordalski gives us a sense of scale. That's one big mega entry.
Excelsior examines currency
The Los Angeles Times' Michael Whitley gives us a sense of the scale of the Excelsior entry
The road to the World Cup.
This mega-page from Tabasco Hoy in Mexico won an award of excellence, and likely a spot in many Mexican classrooms.
Liaoning Daily's mega page won a GOLD in the features category yesterday.

Read more about Liaoning Daily’s gold winner.

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