The Big Picture: Not-so-gently used, time to recharge

As Day Two drew to a close (Super Bowl 45 was half-over before we even broke for the day and left the judging site), it was not uncommon to spot lots of “used” items, scenes and people. By now 21 judges have logged nearly 30 hours apiece over the last two days — and there’s still more to come. We’re down to the remaining categories and a number of final tasks. There’s still lots of ground to cover before the 32nd edition is in the books. But it’s time to recharge, watch the game, raise a little money for the SND Foundation and push for the final assault tomorrow morning.

The Big Board: Tracking the progress of the judging this weekend shows just how much ground has been covered. Just a few big categories await us in the morning.
Judges and assistants alike were all looking a little weary by dinnertime. Rally time comes early tomorrow.
Drumlins served pizza and wings for dinner. These wings were given a high score by one hungry judge.

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