SND32: Winner-tracker™

This year, we’ve received 10,515 entries from all over the world. Throughout the SND 32nd edition Best of News Design™ competition weekend we’ll take a look at milestone winners as they’re logged-in at the data entry station, and edited for the annual book.

A complete, searchable database of winners will be available on later this month, after the World’s Best-Designed™ competition. For now, we’ll have to satisfy ourselves with a peek…

In the meantime, keep an eye on Steve Cavendish’s status report to see the status of the judging as it progresses.

#0800: 8Da – Portfolio magazine page design

Rodrigo Sanchez of Metropoli, Madrid, Spain

Circulation: 400,000

#0750: 16Bb – Non-Breaking News, Feature Graphics

Expresso, Lisbon, Portugal.

Circulation: 120,000

#0700: 13Aa – Single lead color illustration

The Independent on Sunday, London. “A shot at glory.”

Circulation: 75,000

#0650: 8Aa – Portfolio

Redeye, Chicago, Il. “Pie Oh Pie.”

Circulation: 250,000

#0600: 4Aa – Breaking News Topics

Sing Tau Daily Hong Kong, China. “City Bomb.”

#0550: 10Aa – Special Coverage sections

O Estado de S. Paulo, Sao Paulo. “Brazilian Dinosaurs.”

Circulation: 175,000

#0500: 3Be – News Design/Pages — Local Section

El Diario De Hoy, San Salvador, El Salvador. “Paciencia en las calles.”

Circulation: 50,000-175,000

#0450: 3Ca – News Design/Pages — Sports

The Buffalo News, Buffalo, NY. “Padding his resume.”

Circulation: 165,000

#0400: 10Ac – A Section Pages

The Tribune, San Luis Obispo, CA. “Parkinson wins.”

Circulation: 38,000

#0350: 10Ca – Special Coverage — Covers Only

The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH. “Gone.”

Circulation: 270,000

#0300: 7Fb – Features Design — Real Estate

Al bayan newspaper, Dubai, UAE. “Yas Island.”

Circulation: 80,000

#0250: 14A – Photography / Single photos – General News Photography

Politiken, Copenhagen, Denmark. “Magacity – Bangladesh.”

Circulation: 110,000-140,000

#0200: 7Bd – Feature lifestyle

Svenska Dagbladet, Stockholm, Sweden. “Manhood.”

Circulation: 196,000

#0100: 14c – Photography / Sports

Lexington Herald-Leader, Lexington, KY. “World Equestrian Games: Reining.”

Circulation: 100,000

#0050: 7Aa – Features design pages — OPINION

Sun Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale, FL. “Black gold”

Circulation: 175,000

THE FIRST WINNER: #0001: 3Bb – News Design / Pages

Excelsior, México. “Dying for the beauty.”

Circulation: 75,000-174,999


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