Raising our glee — and mon-ee — for SNDF

Many people started out the night insisting that they would not sing. By the time things wrapped up, most of them had succumbed to the coaxing of the crowd.

As the last seconds of the Super Bowl ticked away, SND Karaoke Night kicked off to raise money for the SND Foundation. We collected $2,344 in donations with about $1,700 more in pledges.

Dozens of songs spanning generations of music delighted a captive audience. Many of the tunes were high-stakes challenges from those in the crowd or in the Twitterverse.

Some of the highlights:

  • Andrea Zagata and David Miller’s adorable performance of “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King,” a staple for any child who grew up with repeated viewings of “The Lion King”
  • Josh Crutchmer’s adaptation  of “Purple Rain” to pay tribute to longtime competition facilitator, Matt Erickson
  • A chorus of “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Steve Dorsey, Stephen Komives, Denise M. Reagan and Becky Pendergast, who plays a mean air guitar by the way
  • Tomaso Capuano and Greg Klee’s masculine duet of “Walk the Line”
  • Michael Tribble’s rousing rendition of “Humpty Dance”
  • A huge thanks to all of you who pledged money online or in person. It’s not too late to donate and help launch the new SND Foundation intern program.

    And, if you need to settle your tab from Sunday night challenge pledging (and you know who you are), you can do that here.

    About Denise M. Reagan

    Denise M. Reagan is SND Foundation president, Assistant Managing Editor for visuals at The Florida Times-Union/ Jacksonville.com and an adjunct professor at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications.

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