GOLD: Manchurian Tiger’s Greeting for the New Year

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Liaoning Daily

Manchurian Tiger’s Greeting for the New Year
The judges said: “This is an exericse in how to design. The illustrations are amazing, possibly showcasing the state of the art in layout, illustration, tonal palettes, color palettes. There’s nothing to fault. They’ve gone through every stage of it and thought hard about it. On even the small touches of typography, on even the small map, the tonal qualities are so elegant and considered. It really is beautiful work. Nothing shouts. Every element frames the illustration and gives it movement. That’s a tiger of an art director. It’s crazy good.”

The entry is explained by the Liaoning Daily: “2010 on the Chinese lunar calendar is the year of the tiger. However, the Manchurian tiger is endangered, thus its living condition has aroused people’s attention once more. This newspaper designed a vertical version in four successive layouts, which analyze the body structure, distribution of habitats and other topics respectively. The tiger image is designed by means of Chinese painting and ghostwriting with the focuses in the head and paws. Chinese calendar cards are painted at the bottom of the layout, attached with papercuts to introduce the habitual nature and growing stages of the tiger.”

*(This is a composite image. The original entry is a single, continuous printed page, whose size is the equivalent of 6 broadsheet pages)

Detail images from the entry:

Congratulations to designers Zhang Dan and Sui Wenfeng and the Liaoning Daily.

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