GOLD: La Presse illustrates the seven deadlies

13B: Illustration, multiple


La Presse, Montreal, Quebec

The judges said: “This has so many things going for it. It elicits strong emotional reactions. The beauty draws you in, then the subject matter repulses you. You feel shameful for looking at it but you cannot look away. They didn’t take it over the top and exploit it; they showed restraint, within the depth of gruesomeness of them. If it isn’t gold, what is?”
The series of stories, in which La Presse columnists gave their take on the various sins, was illustrated in striking fashion using animal heads spliced onto human bodies.

Detail images from the entry:

Congratulations to La Presse and Benoit Giguere, AME/Art Director, Genevieve Dinel, Deputy Art Director, and Alexandre Roy, Designer/Illustrator.

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