GOLD: El Mundo Magazine World Cup feet

12Ec: Magazine cover story


El Mundo Magazine, Madrid, Spain

The judges said: “We saw a lot of World Cup coverage, but this was unique, mostly because it managed to escape all the expected soccer clichés. This isn’t more soccer players in jerseys. This magazine cover story gathers the best players throughout Spain for beautiful head portraits matched with pictures that show the punishment they have put their feet through. We see the players in an intimate and slightly vulnerable state. Each set of feet reveals rich detail such as sock impressions, scars and battered toenails. The decision to play the heads and feet at the same size pushes the design beyond the norm. The rhythm of each spread does not feel repetitious because of the variety of the expressions and profiles. Each spread features 20 questions with the athlete as well as fun breakouts such as his shoe size.”

This spread featured members of Spain’s (soon-to-be-victorious) World Cup squad in a preview of the event.

Detail images from the entry:

Congratulations to El Mundo, Rodrigo Sanchez, Design Director, Maria Gonzalez, Art Director, Javier Sanz, Designer, Adriana Rodriguez, Designer, Francisco Alarlos, Designer, Ruben Vique, Designer and Chema Lonesa, Photographer

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