Digital competition judges pushing through Day 2

A look behind the scenes on Day 2

There are just over 500 total entries in the revamped SND Best of Digital Design competition. The judges have worked their way through more than half of those already and are grinding through the rest. The bigger categories are behind them, but category 1 — World’s Best-Design news sites and apps — awaits.

The judging is taking place at a trio of computer labs at Ball State University in Muncie, Ind. The judges first review the top entries in a category (they previewed and pre-voted on all the entries before coming to Muncie). Then they vote in a second lab where each of the finalists in a category is displayed on a separate screen. After the votes are tallied any entry receiving enough votes is considered for a medal (silver or gold). Few have been given yet, but any entry getting to that stage will receive an award of excellence whether it gets a medal or not.

There has already been a lot of discussion about the categories themselves and the definition of what constitutes “breaking news” today. I expect we’ll hear more about this later — and in the judges’ team statements.

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