Mizzou’s RJI set to share iPad news survey findings Friday

Roger Fidler and his iPad at the 2010 SND Denver conference and workshop. Fidler sent the journalists away from his keynote presentation with a rallying cry: “The future of news design is here. In this room, with all of you: You are the future.''
Roger Fidler reports that more than 1,600 iPad users responded to the Reynolds Journalism Institute / Digital Publishing Alliance’s 2010 iPad News Survey.

Fidler, the RJI-University of Missouri’s program director/digital publishing said the results of the iPad user survey will be shared publicly this Friday at the RJI Tablet/E-Reader Symposium and on their website. You can watch the symposium sessions live online at rjionline.org/tv. The results of survey will be presented and discussed from 2:15 to 3:15 p.m. central time.

Fidler says “we intend do a more intensive analysis of the data, which we will share with DPA members upon completion.”

He said RJI-DPA is planning to conduct follow-up panel surveys in March, June and September 2011. More than 1,000 respondents to their 2010 survey indicated willingness to participate in the panel surveys.

To learn more about RJI’s iPad news survey keep an eye on this link. The survey findings page will go live Thursday afternoon.

The RJI Digital Publishing Alliance (DPA) is a member-supported initiative of the Reynolds Journalism Institute. Its mission is to bring together leaders and innovators from forward-thinking organizations to pursue new strategies, digital content products and business models for publishing and journalism, with an emphasis on e-readers and other mobile reading devices. Learn more about the DPA here.

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