Introducing your 2011 SND officers

The election results are in, and the winners are:


Steve Dorsey, Vice President for R+D, Detroit Media Partnership


Jonathon Berlin, Graphics Editor, Chicago Tribune


Rob Schneider, Presentation Director, The Dallas Morning News

Full results:

President: 267 votes cast
Steve Dorsey 256 votes
Bonita Burton 2 votes
Dan Zedek 1 vote
Denise Reagan 1 vote
Jonathon Berlin 1 vote
Ron Johnson 1 vote
Steve Cavendish 1 vote
Marshall Matlock 1 vote
Rob Schneider 1 vote

2 votes for nonmembers

Vice President: 261 votes cast
Jonathon Berlin 254 votes
Lily Lu 1 vote
Marshall Matlock 1 vote
Melissa Angle 1 vote
Wes Meltzer 1 vote

3 votes for nonmembers

For Secretary/Treasurer: 276 votes cast
Rob Schneider 198 votes (72%)
Colin Smith 78 votes (28%)
No write-ins

About Stephen Komives

Previously served as Executive Director of the Society for News Design, from 2009–2019.

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