Call for entries posted

Start pulling those tear sheets, people! The Call for Entries for the 32nd Annual Creative Competition is now posted and available for download here. The rules and requirements are available in English along with the requisite entry forms, which are in editable pdf format.
Entry forms are available in Spanish as well.
This competition has been going strong since 1979 and we look forward to reviewing the entries at Syracuse University in February.
Remember – the deadline to enter is Jan. 12, 2011, in the U.S., and Jan. 19 for international entries. Best of luck – with both the entries and those accordion folds!


We are working on the 32nd edition Call for Entries in a number of languages. Our hope is to have this task done this week and once done, the Calls will be posted to help those countries to enter the competition.

If you have questions about the competition or a category please send an e-mail to the print competition director — Marshall Matlock — cmm (at sign) You’ll get a quick reply; however, please read the rules in the Call before you ask. Most answers are contained in the rules.

We’ll begin the coverage of the general competition — categories 2 through 19 — beginning Feb. 5, 2011.

The World’s Best coverage will begin Friday, Feb. 11, 2011, with the winner(s) announced late Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011, or Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2011.


Marshall Matlock
SND/SU print competition

mmc (at sign)

For the magazine-only category (#12) is the word “features” used to describe the actual feature well, or just general feature-style content? For instance, are department sections (shopping, dining and front of book) considered features pages for this contest?

Please do not ask print competitions question(s) here. Please send all questions to Marshall Matlock, the print competition director. He will reply to you personally at the e-mail you use to send him the message.

If we cannot provide translated Call for Entries (rules) please download the English version and hopefully get a friend to help you translate the information. We plan to continue this service for the next judging if we cannot get it done this time aorund.

Please send Matlock the questions in one e-mail, if possible. Do not send multiple e-mails that includes others. This will slow down the process.

Please ask your questions using English.

Thank you!

HAPPY NEW YEAR and good luck!

cmm (at sign)

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