Supercharged design in the UAE

The Abu Dhabi Formula One race was a good opportunity to show creativity and talent in the special coverage for the final race of the season. Sport is a big hit for the publications in the UAE and special attention is dedicated to the section in almost all newspapers because of diversity of the population. The country has also become an important centre for sports in Middle East.

It is important to mention that all special projects are available online; all publications are concerned about the importance of others platform, and special projects with graphics and television online give to the audience new alternatives to reach the news. The UAE is the most online connected country in the Middle East, a fact that can’t be forget by publishers.

For two consecutive years, the UAE was in the top 10 for newspaper awards held by the SND creative competition in Syracuse. Most of this success was down to the contribution from The National, Gulf News, Business 24/7 and Al Bayan newspapers. Look at the last SND 31 edition book and you will find some great works from the region.

Art Director: Laura Koot
Deputy Art Editor: Nathan Estep
Designers: Mathew Kurian, Elysia Smith

Art Director: Miguel Angel Gomez
Designers: Ramachandra Babu, Dwynn Ronald Trazo, Seyyed Llata, SM. Arshad

Infographic director: Luis Chumpitaz
Designers: German Fernandez, Liz Ramos
Content research: Karina Aricoche and John Sandyman
Rendering support: William Navarro
Translation and design assistance: Asma Ali, Mohamed S

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