Ryan Sparrow appointed director for Digital Competition

We’re very pleased to announce that we’re appointing a director for SND’s revamped Best of Digital Design Competition (formerly the Best of Multimedia Competition).

Ryan Sparrow, an instructor at Ball State, will be leading a great team of organizers and contributors who are helping us evolve the competition to reflect the quickly changing news design landscape. We’ll adopt new categories for online, mobile and tablet design. The team:

  • Matt Ericson, The New York Times
  • Jeremy Gilbert, Northwestern University
  • Seth Gitner, Syracuse University
  • Sergio Goldenberg, Georgia Tech University
  • Joey Marburger, The Washington Post
  • Laura Ruel, University of North Carolina
  • Yuri Victor, The San Diego Union-Tribune

We are in the process of building a new entry submission database and will have a Call for Entries out in the next few weeks. 2011 will be a transitional year, as we quickly work toward evolving and better integrating both annual competitions. Many logistics are still to be finalized. We’ll have more details soon and will need help from everyone to promote the new contest.

About Ryan Sparrow:

Before teaching, Ryan Sparrow was an award-winning page designer, photographer and editor at newspapers in Indiana, Kentucky and Florida. For the last six years, Ryan has taught in Ball State University’s Department of Journalism graphics sequence. His classes have included a capstone multimedia-storytelling seminar in which broadcast students, writers, photographers and designers develop in-depth interactive projects. In addition to teaching, Ryan has helped write Ball State’s new curriculum and is developing a version of it for The New York Times Knowledge Network. Ryan also assists and teaches The Kalish Visual Editing Workshop.

Ryan continues to work as a freelance designer and photographer, as well as a consultant for media organizations and nonprofit agencies.

Please join us in welcoming Ryan. He will be working closely with Stephen Komives and the board to help us evolve this competition and further integrate it with the print competition, led by Marshall Matlock. Thank you, Marshall, for your ongoing service to the Society!

Additionally, we’d like to salute Laura Ruel for all of her dedication and hard work in leading this effort since the inaugural awards were given out in 2002. We are grateful for her advice and help in transitioning the competition moving forward.

Thank you,

Kris Viesselman
Steve Dorsey
Jonathon Berlin

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Creative consultant and former SND president

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