SND 2010 New Media News Design Forum

Dates: 10/16-18/2010

Event Location: 
Vision Hotel, Beijing, China

Host: The Economic Observer Newspaper, Beijing, China

Site chair: Lily Lu, SND Chinese

E-mail: [email protected]

Registration fees: 

SND members and Students and Faculty: ¥3000RMB


Morning Presentations:

Oct. 16
Welcome Speech by Mr. Jian Liu, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Economic Observer.
We are honored to bring the message to China (Stephen Komives, Executive Director of SND)

Trends in Online News Design: Innovative storytelling is happening at a quick pace around the Web, including data visualization, database-driven applications, API mashups, new user interface paradigms, and much more. A look at recent work from The New York Times and other award-winning publications on projects such as the Olympics, investigative reporting, reader-submitted content, the Academy Awards and other major stories. How can design and visualization make complex stories and data easier to understand? And, what impact do these new story forms have on the conversation around the news? (Tyson Evans)

Oct. 17
TIME’s iPad App — the digital Red Border: The inside story of how an 87-year-old institution made the transition from print to iPad. Time Magazine design director D.W. Pine will show how they quickly got the magazine ready for the iPad’s initial launch, how they put together an issue each week and what the plans are for Time’s digital future. (DW Pine)

Illustrating the contents (Nuri Ducassi)

Oct. 18
Redesign Battle Plan: At its most basic, a redesign is replacing fonts, logos, color
palettes — essentially a redecoration. At its more sophisticated and thoughtful best, a redesign is a comprehensive rethinking — not just of the graphic elements but of the content and processes and interaction with the reader. Using examples from China Daily and other
papers, we’ll examine all the things you need to look at and explore how to navigate big change in the newsroom and executive suites. (Bill Gaspard)

Myth China — Myth Germany: An overview of German newspapers business and news design landscape. (Stefan Knapp)

Afternoon Workshops:

Oct. 16
Skills for News Design on the Web: How do the traditions of news design (hierarchy, grids, art direction, typography) merge with new technologies (such as HTML5 and open-source design libraries)? This course will focus on the Internet’s essential building blocks — HTML, CSS, and JavaScript — for designers looking to translate their proficiency from print design to the Web. If speaking “Web” were a foreign language, consider this your immersion course. (Tyson Evans)

Oct. 17
Creating editorial designs using I.C.E. and H.E.A.T: Time Magazine Design Director D.W. Pine will walk us through how the magazine is produced each week using 7 key design principles – the goal is to design hot looking layouts that make people say ‘that looks really cool!’ (DW Pine)

Oct. 18
Illustrator — the visual storyteller: Illustration is a powerful visual tool. A tool gives depth to a story by making an emotional connection with the reader. Learn how to apply your Fine Art skills to help tell a story. Discover how to come up with strong concepts and ideas and how to take editorial advantage of your own visual vocabulary. (Nuri Ducassi)

Presentations and workshops are conducted in English with Chinese translation.

Stephen Komives is Executive Director of SND.

D.W. Pine is the Design Director of TIME Magazine — responsible for the overall design direction of one of the world’s most recognizable brands.

Tyson Evans is an interface developer on The New York Times’ interactive news desk, part of a small team of journalist/coders who build data-driven Web apps on deadline.

Bill Gaspard is the Design Director for China Daily, making the move to Beijing in February after five years as the Deputy Managing Editor of the Las Vegas Sun.

Nuri Ducassi is the News Design Director at the South Florida Sun Sentinel. She has a 23 year career in visual leadership as a Design Director, illustrator and teacher.

Stefan Knapp is a German Strategic Media and Design consultant and the regional Director of the Society for News Design in the German-speaking countries of Austria, Switzerland, and Germany.

Questions? Lily Lu, [email protected]

Hotel information: ¥2200RMB for 5 nights hotel room and 4 days meals.
Vision Hotel, No.39 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100191, China
Telephone: 86-010-62308899

Registration form: Please email the completed form to [email protected]



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