A tribute to Roger Fidler in quotes

  • Mario Garcia, CEO/Founder, Garcia Media: “Roger is one of the industry’s visionaries, and everyone will always remember him appearing at seminars with some type of “tablet” — at the time a sort of artifact but representing a far away day when people would read newspapers on a hand held device.”
  • Tony Majeri, fellow SND founder: “Roger has been a true visionary in our industry … I remember Roger attending that 1988 API workshop and revealing his vision of the electronic newspaper. His vision was amazingly accurate.”
  • Deborah Withey, SND past president and Knight-Ridder colleague: “Soon after I joined the Detroit Free Press and Knight Ridder I began to hear one man’s name over and over in meetings and conversations, and that name was always combined with another intriguing word — “secret.” … Roger represents a time in newspapers when a grand future seemed only a second away, and easy to grasp.”
  • Phil Ritzenberg, fellow SND founder, past president and Lifetime Award winner: “A Lifetime Achievement Award is richly deserved. Everything he said would happen with electronic media, it happened. He was way ahead of all us on that score. When he first started talking about this stuff, no one knew what he was talking about. We’d be like, ‘Are you fucking crazy?’ “
  • Mario Garcia, CEO/Founder, Garcia Media: “Roger was an editor/designer of notice, and I will never forget the role he played when I was writing my first book, “Contemporary Newspaper Design,” and how he contributed ideas, images and vision.  He is still doing that.  His vision is now reality.  In addition to his  many talents, one must admire Roger’s discipline and dedication to his ideas, a reason that Roger has been such an inspiration to all of us in this industry.””
  • Richard Curtis, ME/Graphics and Photography, USA Today, SND founder and past president: “He was talking then quite fervently about how tablets were going to change the world. And, of course, tablets have done just that, although newspapers are crumbling right and left.”

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