Recap: Templates and centralized design operations

News broke this summer that Gannett was planning regional design hubs to build pages for many of their newspapers. The plan is similar to others in Tribune and MediaNews that have sought to template publications and centralize parts of the creative and production process. The news was met, to say the least, with a raised eyebrow of concern within the design and copy editing communities. Meanwhile, Ready-Media, a template service for newspapers and magazines was also announced this summer by Roger Black and Eduardo Danilo. Some have defended these projects as forward-thinking solutions based on economic necessity. Others fear that this could be the dawn of the age of cookie-cutter publications.

Replay the session to the right to see how the discussion went.

Moderator: Kris Viesselman (@krisv)

Panelist: Kate Marymont, Gannett (@katemary)

Panelist: Roger Black (@rogerblack)

Panelist: Jonathon Berlin, Tribune (@jonathonberlin)

Panelist: Stephen Komives (@skomives)

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