SND Chinese to host two free meetups this month

An ad for the Beijing meetup.

SND Chinese will host two free meetups this month. One in Beijing (Sept 15) and one in Shanghai (Sept 18). The sessions will be conducted in Chinese. Both meetups are free to all attendees.


The Beijing event even offers free lunch, sponsored by Founder Group. Peking University is another sponsor and is sponsoring space for the event. Bill Gaspard of the China Daily (Beijing) is one of four speakers. Speakers also include He Longsheng, Deputy managing editor/visual, Beijing News, SNDC president; Lu Yi, Dean of J school at Peking University; Wang Shuhuai, Phd candidate at Peking University J school; and speakers from Founder Group will talk about Chinese fonts design. Almost all Chinese desktop publishing systems use Founder Group’s fonts.


The Shanghai meetup is also free to everyone (but there will be no free lunch). Speakers include Stacy Sweat (; Ying Chan, director of Journalism and Media Research Center at Hong Kong University; Chang He, deputy managing editor/visual, Oriental Morning Post; Ye Rongzhi, assistant to the publisher/in charge of visual center and feature, First Finance Daily (essentially China’s Wall Street Journal). Hong Kong University is sponsoring use of its Shanghai campus; First Finance Daily is also a sponsor of the event.

Both sites will display a selection of SND 31st edition award winners.

Return to for coverage after the events.

An ad for the Shanghai meetup.
An ad for both the Beijing and Shanghai meetups.

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