Sara Quinn and her platforms

Sara Quinn from The Poynter Institute

Sara, what’s your favorite platform to tell a story? Print, mobile, web?

A: I think it’s still print but I’m becoming more adept to other possibilities and falling in love with other platforms.

Q: What can multimedia do now that print will never be able to tackle?

A: Tying more things together. (Multimedia is the) connecter. (It) allow people to have a conversation in real time.

Q: What will print do that multimedia will never do?

A: Still have the depth of reporting with a lot of different beats … like investigative reporting.

Q: Favorite mobile site?
A: It changesall the time. (Currently) the Entertainment Weekly mobile site because it focuses on one tight topic at a time . They don’t try to do everything. It is tightly focused.

Q: Do you wear platforms?

A: I do have one pair and they are very comfortable  but I didn’t bring them.

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