Living a ‘drag and drop’ life

Ease and usability of so many apps, web sites, interactive graphics is by far its their saving-grace.

Sara Quinn of the Poynter Institute brought up the issue of designing in a world where people are looking for intuitive design.

If you think about it, your favorite designs most likely A) are simple, B) fulfill its purpose and C) user-friendly. It’s attractive to a user/reader if a design allows him or her to get navigate, search and understand through a visual form.

Quinn mentioned a quote from design guru Paul Rudd, stating that the public is more conditioned to bad design than good design. Good design is the synthesis of both form and content. Meaning is lost when form takes over and interest is lost when content takes over.


Precisely! Which brings up my favorite pet peeve: why is standardization so frowned upon by “designers”? My point is, take the best functionalities in navigation, etcetera, and try to NOT reinvent the wheel every time. Use what works. THEN design. I’m not saying the whole world should look like it was designed by Apple, but … wait … that is what I’m suggesting. Wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

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