Live coverage from SND Denver coming up!

Keep your eye on this space for coverage of all the comings and goings of the SND Denver Workshop. The schedule is packed with networking, training and inspiration galore. It’s a workshop built for today. If you’re not here, book a flight, rent a car, stick your thumb up in the air and get here.

If you can’t keep your clicks trained on for details from our team of crack bloggers.

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Will there be a link to a page where we can find all the live event reporting from Denver?

For example:
— Livecast video coverage
— Cover it live sessions
— MInutes from the board board meeting
— Blog reports
— Photos

I can find no link on this site and no live event info at all on

Of course, it is possible to see some info by following the #snddenver Twitter hashtag.

Stay tuned to Robb, a lot of that stuff is on the way.

We’ve got a team of students and professionals working to capture the workshop experience for all to enjoy.

We’ll be sending along updates from the board meeting this week, too.

Wish you were here!


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