Designing print and online simultaneously… or basically trying to stay sane.

Newsrooms across the country are facing the same problem: smaller design staffs, more design work to do. However, The Tennessean’s Jeff Glick explained how his newsroom makes it work (and stays sane).

“It’s doable. It’s not easy, and you really have to figure out what works for your paper,” he said.

The key is management. Schedules and deadlines have to be adjusted. Glick uses a color-coded Google calendar that everyone has access to. The schedule changes every week to account for workflow and training time.

The design, however, has remained content driven. All of the print designers also design for the web so the look of The Tennessean remains consistent.

Glick’s tips on managing a print and web friendly design staff:
1)   Create a list of jobs that you need to get done right away.
2)   Ask your staff what they want to do.
3)   Assign the specialties. Not everyone can do flash graphics all day.
4)   Schedule the time for them to learn it.  If someone doesn’t know how to use a program, create time in their work day where they can be dedicated to learning.
5)   Build projects around them and let them propose projects to you.
6)   Start small and don’t overextend you or your staff.

Training resources his staff uses:

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