A bevy of reasons you should come to Denver

23 days, 23 reasons why the SND workshop is worth your time and money. Today Nos. 14 to 8:


We got hung up there on Reason No. 15 for a while. Occupational hazard. But today we give you a mega-reason to find your way out to Denver for SND’s annual networking, inspiration-building, self-training, free-food-eating festival of goodness: An auction packed with software, art and illustrators, that — and keep this between us — usually can be grabbed at a rock-bottom price. A few years ago, an unnamed LA Times art director came sweeping through the illustrators grabbing up bargain-basement illustrations from top-of-the-line artists. The same year a bidding war on creative suite garnered near-educator-price levels.

And the money goes to the SND Foundation, SND’s arm that funds education and research. This year the Foundation has contributed greatly to bringing students to the workshop and competition, as well as much more.

If you’d like to donate an item or service, contact Denise Reagan here.

If you want to send something to Denver ahead of time, send it to:

If you have an item to donate, please e-mail denisereagan at mac dot com.

You can bring items you wish to donate with you to the Denver workshop, or you can ship them ahead of time to:

Ken Lyons
The Denver Post
101 W. Colfax
Suite 600
Denver, Co. 80202

Reason No. 15: Visual journalism survival

This reason comes to us from Octavio Diaz, senior graphic artist at the Daytona Beach News-Journal. Why he’ll be in Denver: “Mostly for the visual stimulation and to learn how to survive in this industry. (Yes, I’m still employed!) Then, to reconnect with old friends, hopefully make some new ones, go to the parties, see some of Denver (never been there before) and hopefully crash on Jeff Goertzen’s couch (Hey, this trip is out-of-pocket!).”

We’ll see what Jeff has to say about that.

Reason No. 16: Free food

The Thursday night opening reception includes free appetizers, and the Friday night Pub Crawl starts at the Fogo do Chao restaurant in downtown Denver where participants will have their fill of appetizers from the grill and salad bar — all for free. We’re not kidding: FREE FOOD FOR ALL!

Reasons No. 19, 18 and 17: Mario Garcia, Lucie Lucava and Roger Black (and many more)

The schedule of speakers in Denver is unlike any other because no one puts on workshop like SND does anymore. Sign up and you get exposure to some of the strongest visual journalism minds in the world. Let’s just take a look at the gurus in attendance to start. Check out the full schedule here.

Lucie: Lunch with Lucie on Saturday. She’ll address what’s gone on in the industry and chart ideas for going forward. It should not be missed. Lucie’s work has taken all over the globe and she brings her one-of-a-kind perspective to us.

Roger: Renowned designer Roger Black will talk Saturday at lunch about designing on different kinds of platforms. This is about visual journalism and not coding. Also, don’t miss Roger Saturday afternoon during a discussion of templating and centralized design operations.

Mario: Spend an evening with Mario Garcia as he discusses his journey in visual journalism. Participants: The Syracuse years – Randy Stano; The Poynter years – Ron Reason and Pegie Stark; Latin America travel – Jeff Goertzen; The Boca project and pink flamingos – Bryan Monroe; Mario the papa – Mario Garcia Jr.

Reason No. 20: When SND began in 1978, it came from a group of professionals gathered together staring down a tricky, but hopeful, future. The folks at API could only have imagined who is coming to Denver. Be a part of it.

This sentiment is summed up very well by Laura Evangelista, of Michigan State’s student chapter. “I’m going to Denver because it’s an amazing opportunity to meet people who do what I aspire to do. When else would professionals from every facet of the industry come together for a weekend? More importantly, when else would I be invited to something like that!? I’m going to Denver to learn from the best, to network and to experience how the industry functions. I’m excited to meet everyone and take away some wisdom about design and about life.”

The folks in Denver are much more than simple cowpokes out on the range. They’ve put together a workshop jam packed with training, inspiration and networking. It also takes the issues we face today head-on and is all set to bring together the kind of shared passion and expertise that makes SND so valuable. Sign up today.

Reason No. 21:Two major trends are now converging on news designers – the automating of presentations for an array of platforms and the devaluing of creative talent. And yet, there is hope. Godfather of e-reader tablet concepts Roger Fidler will kick off SND Denver in his keynote address: “The future of news design is here.”

… and where it’s going next.

Explore the impact e-reader technology will have on news design and usability with a distinguished panel of specialists who’ve moved past print into the new world of tablets. We’ll attempt to answer the mounting list of questions these new devices seem to generate at an exponential rate.

Reason No. 22: This reason comes to us from Matt Petty, art director of the San Francisco Chronicle: “I’m going because I want to get inspired to be a better designer. There’s nothing like a few days of being surrounded by the industry’s leading news designers to get your creative juices flowing. Plus, it’s a really fun group of people, and there might be a mechanical bull involved.”

Reason No. 23: Looking for a take-home for your investment? Try 10 things you can put in place immediately to improve the presentation model of your paper. We’ll match you with a professional and share your paper’s work with them in advance. When you get to Denver, you sit for a 30-minute critical review of your publication. Click here to sign up.

In the coming days, we’ll share more about what’s in store in Denver.

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