Shraddha Swaroop is New Region 2 Director

Colleagues and friends,

I am very sorry to announce that Pai is leaving his post as Region 2 Director for due to a family health issue.

Pai has been, and will continue to be, an active member of SND. We are grateful for the countless hours to SND. Among his many contributions was his key role in organizing the San Jose annual workshop. Pai will also be helping with the Denver program. However, he feels as though he needs to step away from his board commitment to spend more time with his ailing father.

Because of this, we have asked another longtime friend of the Society, Shraddha Swaroop, to step in and lead this large region. We are grateful that she not only has agreed, but has considerable enthusiasm about the role. She’ll be a great advocate for members in the Western U.S. (and beyond).

Many of you know Shraddha well, but here is some background information:

Shraddha has been a volunteer and a member of the Society for News Design since 2000. She has written on women in the newsroom for Design Journal (2003), helped to plan the SND-San Jose convention (2004), was a member of the critique panel for the Student Program at SND- Boston (2007), led the East Coast Metro region (2008) and acted as a facilitator at several Best of News Design competitions. What links all of these jobs has been the opportunity to meet an incredible assortment of talented, generous visual journalists from all over the world.

Professionally, Shraddha is a contract designer at the Los Angeles Times where she works on the features, news and business sections. Before her stint at the Los Angeles Times she was a designer and illustrator at The Virginian-Pilot and the San Jose Mercury News. In her spare time, she freelances as a web designer and has launched sites for local companies. She has also been recognized by the Society for News Design, Society of Professional Journalists and the Virginia Press Association for her print work.

Collaboration and teamwork are the common denominators of her various positions. She strongly believes the best ideas come from the synergy of divergent members of a team and has spoken on the subject. It’s only when contrasting opinions are presented that the best solution for all the members is discovered. And it’s magic when that happens.

Please joining me in wishing Pai well and thanking Shraddha for joining the board.

— Kris Viesselman, SND president

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