Check out the SND Denver program

The SND Denver schedule of events is now available for download at the official site of the Annual Workshop:

The organizers have done an incredible job putting together three jam-packed days and nights of learning, networking and career-building opportunities. The program is still under development – 4-5 more sessions are yet to be announced. Site Chair Damon Cain, M.E./Presentation & Design at the Denver Post, reports the following highlights:

* 42 breakout sessions
* 3 all-day workshops
* 4 general sessions
* 2 roundtable discussions
* 1 live news magazine
* 1 session for first-timers
* Portfolio critiques
* Entire newspaper reviews and strategies
* A pub crawl
* Plans for a hands-on lab
* The Post’s suite at the Friday night Giants vs. Rockies baseball game
* An opening reception at a cowboy bar
* 1 mechanical bull
* 1 Pulitzer Prize
* The annual awards dinner
* And the first two beers are on us

All the details, including hotel information and a registration form, are available at Register now!

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