Region 12 report


2009 was a year very important for Latin American newspapers. The use of big photos and illustrations is a distinguished characteristic of regional newspapers. Besides the international crises, the newspaper circulation increased during the last year. Some newspapers renewed designs in countries like Ecuador, Colombia and Peru, but works made in Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil deserve highlights. Following, some of the best of the year.


El Mundo (above), from Caracas, was completely renewed in April 2009 and transformed in a Economics newspaper. The Capriles Network request a redesign to Javier Errea. The Spanish designer showed for the first time in April 27 the new design under coordination of Innovation consultant. An elegant typography, allied with intense but restrict use of color market the new design. With a layout that are about 24 pages a day during the week the big surprise was a plenty of illustrations. Another feature was a very original front page with photographic icons. In the central page, the separation of sections is made horizontally.


O Povo
, from Fortaleza, Ceará state, is one of the big revelations of Brazilian design. With innovative covers and a art direction very creative, conducted by Gil Dicelli, the newspaper has received several international awards and general recognition. The cover bellow shows the conditions of highways in the state with the number of holes in the road.

Correio da Bahia (Before)
Correio da Bahia (After)

Correio da Bahia – With the aim of attract new readers for the newspaper media in Bahia, northeast of Brazil, mainly among the youngsters, Correio was completely redesigned. The change included graphic design, editorial content, format and price. The new product arrived in the newsstands on August 27. The radical change began with the format, that abandons the traditional standard for the berliner. The editorial content was redistributed in few sections: 24 hours, with the main local news, national and international showed in a summarized way; Plus, a complete analysis of facts, formatted in elaborate reports, presented in several ways; Life, where the reader finds content about behavior, culture, arts, fashion and quality of life.

O Dia, (above) from Rio de Janeiro, gained the streets with new design created by André Hippert, art director.: The formula was to make a compact paper to saving costs, mainly paper. O Dia shifted to the tabloid format. Big headlines, the yellow logotype and sports pictures are one of the most important resources to attract readers in Rio de Janeiro.

Diário de São Paulo, from São Paulo, gained highlights with bold covers. One of them was about the traffic jam occurred in São Paulo. Another amazing cover for the graphic impact was about the plane crash with a Air France flight which disappeared in Atlantic Ocean between Rio and Paris.

Folha de S.Paulo, art directed by Fabio Marra, presented in 2009 a work to improve and deepen all graphic and visual material content. Accurate information, not infrequently searched by the designers or infographic artists themselves, allied with a clear didactic shape – including bold – were the highlights of Folha de S. Paulo in 2009:

1. Pre-salt graphic – the hard journey to the center of the earth

2. Climate cover – special edition that demanded a particular production for the cover. Designers and photographers went to one artist’s study to make ice dolls and take the photos to this edition.

3. World Cup 2010 – All schedules and games in the Soccer World Cup 2010 – an innovative graphic format to make the difference with the traditional charts of world cups. Colors and proportions giving graphic information added special content to the material. It points out who plays who and when in the first phase of competition.

Summer Olympic Games 2016
Brazilian newspapers had good moments in theirs covers in the choose of Rio de Janeiro like Olympic Games host city in 2016. The official announcement provoked newspapers such as Correio Braziliense, O Globo, Estado de Minas O Dia and Zero Hora made special covers in the next day. The joy of the local people and the iconic monument of Jesus Christ were used with phrases like Lord of Rings (Correio Braziliense); The year 2016 started (OGlobo); A big hug (Estado de Minas); Rio deserves (O Dia); It’s Rio (Zero Hora).


In Argentina, which hosted the SND Congress in September, the death of the singer Mercedes Sosa enabled two special graphic highlights with the covers of Página 12 and Crítica.

Compiled by Luiz Adolfo Lino de Souza, Region 12 regional director

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