Name that logo, a quiz for design obsessives

Here are 26 distinctive letterforms and four well-known symbols from newspaper and magazine logos around the world. How many can you name? The first five to answer correctly will receive a valuable prize from the SND vaults. Well, perhaps not valuable, exactly, but rare and somewhat cool, anyway.

Post your answer in the comments.

Note Not all of the letters come first in the title. Hints are below the logos. Post your answers in the comments section.

Hints (country of origin):

Row 1: Norway, USA, USA, USA, USA, Germany
Row 2: Great Britain, USA, Great Britain, USA, Denmark, Spain
Row 3: USA, USA, Brazil, USA, USA, USA
Row 4: USA, USA, USA, Spain, USA, Mexico
Row 5: USA, Turkey, Argentina, USA, Germany

Dan Zedek is the Assistant Managing Editor for Design at The Boston Globe and was site chair for SND Boston in 2007. Read previous columns here.

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