Graphics workshop in Xi’an, China, May 11 to 14

SND 2010 Asian Boot Camp — Graphics for News and Magazines

Dates: May 11 to 14, 2010
Event Location: 
Crystal Island Hotel, Xi’an, China
Host: Chinese Business View, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China
Site chair: Lily Lu, SND Chinese.
 E-mail: [email protected]
Registration fee: 
SND members, students and faculty: ¥3400RMB

Program Details

    May 11

  • Registration and check-in hotel
    May 12

  • Welcome speech: Publisher of the Chinese Business View
  • Introduction: Lily Lu, SND Chinese
  • THE ART OF ILLUSTRATING INFORMATION — A look at how to convert basic information to informative charts and graphs. We’ll look at fever charts, bar charts and volumetric charts.
  • INVESTIGATIVE GRAPHICS — From breaking news graphics to advanced project graphics, this session will take you step-by-step through the process of conceptualizing, researching and designing your graphic.
  • SPORTS GRAPHICS — This session will take a look at past World Cup graphics as well as other sports-related graphics that can give you great ideas on the various topics that you can use to cover the World Cup.
  • GRAPHICS PROJECT ASSIGNMENT — Participants will divide into small groups to work on their graphics assignment. Each team will chose a topic that they would like to do for a graphic. It can be on anything they chose. But they will be responsible to research and design that graphic, complete with text and imagery.
    May 13

  • GRAPHICS WITH STYLE — This session will show you the various styles you can use to create eye-popping graphics. From pencil drawing, to Photoshop to 3D, you’ll see it all. This session will inspire you to think out of your comfort zone and try something new.
  • FROM PRINT TO WEB — Taking your graphics to web can definitely be a challenge when your newsroom demands so much print graphics. In this session we’ll see how you can make the best of your time and how other departments have met the challenge. You’ll also see what graphics make the best interactive graphics and what graphics are best used as pdfs.
  • PROJECT — Each team will have decided on what their topic will be for their graphic and begin their work.
    May 14

  • CRITIQUES — Teams will present their projects for group discussions. These will be the first round of critiques where we will make suggestions that can improve the graphics.
  • CORRECT GRAPHICS — Participants will use this time to make whatever corrections necessary to make their graphics better.

The classes will be conducted in English with Chinese translation.

The Presenters

Jeff Goertzen is graphics editor for The Denver Post and an international graphics consultant. He has conducted graphics training with more than 80 newspapers worldwide, including USA Today, LeMonde in Paris, New Straights Times in Malaysia and El Mundo in Madrid. He served on the board of directors for Society for News Design since 1998 conducting dozens of workshops around the world. His work in informational graphics has won dozens of awards for SND and Malofiej, and he has also served as a judge for both those competitions. He has been a member of the visiting faculty at the Poynter Institute since 1988. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Fine Arts.

Juan Velasco has been the Art Director of National Geographic magazine since 2008. He manages the graphics and cartographic departments, as well as freelance illustration. Previously, Juan worked as a graphics artist for El Mundo (Spain) and as the Graphics Art Director for The New York Times. In 2002, he founded his own consulting company, 5W Infographics, which is based in New York City and Madrid.

Juan has won close to a hundred SND and Malofiej awards, as well as awards from SPD and the American Institute of Graphic Arts. He was also a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2001 as part of a team of writers and visual journalists for The New York Times.
As a consultant, Juan has helped to restructure graphics departments and newsrooms around the world, including Le Monde, in Paris and Puls Biznesu in Warsaw. For the last 10 years, he has been an instructor for the Show, Don’t Tell infographics workshop at Malofiej.

Questions? Lily Lu, SND Chinese.
 E-mail: [email protected]

Hotel information: ¥1150RMB for 4 nights hotel (shared) room and 3 days meals. ¥1750RMB for 4 nights hotel (single) room and 3 days meals.

Registration form:
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The Camp seats are limited to 60. Please email the completed form to [email protected] to reserve seats

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