A gift from SND

SND has welcomed a slew of new members since December. The roster includes 25 people who are the recipients of memberships donated by past and present leaders. The program, created by 2009 Vice President Bonita Burton, allowed the first members who joined SND in 2010 the opportunity to invite a friend to join for free.

Thanks to this initiative, SND welcomes the following new members:

Susan Ardis (Columbia, SC)

Lulu Conchita Galway (Montreal)

Robert Counts (Golden, CO)

Juliet Davis (University of Tampa)

Brandee Easter (University of Alabama)

Cyndi Harris (Carrboro, NC)

Alma Lozoya (Dallas, TX)

Sheri Lewis (Texas Tech University)

Ashley Merritt (Baton Rouge, LA)

Ellen Minsavage (York, PA)

Emily Patterson (University of Alabama)

Jana Perez (Texas Women’s University)

Jerry Raehal (Rawlins, WY)

Steven Ravenscraft (Loyola University, Chicago)

Tracie Rawson (Newport News, VA)

Sheila Regina Faria (Brazil)

Paige Renka (University of Alabama)

Sylvie Robichaud (Moncton, Canada)

Katie Rogers (Student, Chicago)

Kevin Rothbauer (Duncan, Canada)

Paige Ryan (University of Alabama)

Laura Smoltich (Ottawa, IL)

Mike Stollhaus (Louisville, KY)

Kelly Sturwold (University of Alabama)

Daniel Weilant (University of Illinois)

And thank you to the leaders who contributed:


Michael Bird

Bill Gaspard

Gordon Preece

Lee Steele

Lucy Lacava

Stephen Komives

Warren Watson

Kenny Irby

Melissa Angle

Olivier Bourgeois

Gayle Grin

Tony Majeri

Phil Ritzenberg

Randy Stano

Hans Peter Janisch

Kris Viesselman

Jennifer George Palilonis

Steve Dorsey

Luis Adolfo Suarez

And to Bonita Burton, who personally donated 10 memberships.

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About Stephen Komives

Previously served as Executive Director of the Society for News Design, from 2009–2019.

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