Video: Day 1 of the Design Competition

The SND Syracuse team whipped itself into a frenzy at 8 a.m. this morning to begin the task of judging over 10,000 entries in a span of 3 days. Here is just a taste of what the beginning of our day has been like here.

For those wondering how this whole competition fits into a single location, know that it doesn’t fit exactly as we would like it to. You’ll find the competition broken into two parts with Small Newspapers/Photo taking over the east wing of the facility and the larger categories occupying the west wing of Drumlins (along with the International Web Desk, of course).

The only problem is that there is no direct connection between the two areas — without traveling though the kitchen.

So without further ado, the SND Web Desk gives you a special peek into ‘The Drumlins Cave’.

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