The spectrum of Category 12 (Magazines)

When the magazine entries come out the Drumlins ballroom takes on a more vibrant quality: the quality, the bold color use and repro quality can only leave newspaper designers feeling jealous. “A lot of what we’re doing is moving more toward a magazine style,” said judge Frank Mina, AME for Presentation at the San Francisco Chronicle. “It’s actually the time that I’m jealous of: the time to put packages together over an extended period of time, the time to get all the details right.”

This year for the first time, the category was opened up to magazines not distributed as part of a paper. Here’s a sampling of the table, featuring the colors of the rainbow:

'Be good to your heart,' from the Florida Times-Union
'Why do shoe-crazy women spend so much?' from i magazine in Portugal
'Under the ice' from Kauppalehti Optio in Finland
'Bold spirits' from the St. Petersburg Times
'Grow a new heart' from the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine
'The great fall' from Belle magazine in Richmond, Va.
'The new red carpet' from the Los Angeles Times
'Ana Reguera: One of the most talented Mexican actresses' from Excelsior, in Mexico

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It’s a misperception that magazines have more time for packages. We’re banging things out just like everyone else with minimal budgets. The details and refinement come from the 12-hour days. =)

No worries! There will always be a difference in large and small publications’ resources. As a 20k circulation mag with an editorial staff of 4, we always strive to do New York Times Magazine quality work. Heavy emphasis on “strive.” 😉 And yes, our reproduction is amaaaaaaaaazing. =P

I am hoping you will include digital magazine design next year. And I don’t mean websites that are calling themselves magazines. I mean actual digital magazines that are distributed digitally.

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