The 2010 Kalish is accepting applications

Jason Reed, a globe trotting Reuter’s photographer, describes the Kalish visual editing workshop as “much more than just a workshop for picture editors.” It’s for anyone that’s in the communication industry right now,” Reed, who attended the 2009 workshop, says.

Over the past 20 years, The Kalish has developed a reputation for being unique, intense, stimulating and fun. And more, according to Reed. “It’s highly effective. The inspiration and camaraderie and the instruction that I’ve been given is mind-blowing because now I am not daunted about this big wide future that is so uncertain to so many people.”

The Kalish, which has evolved from teaching print-only picture editing to also teaching cross-platform skills, attracts a faculty of Emmy and Pulitzer Price winning visual editors including Brian Storm, Geri Migielicz, Sue Morrow, Kenny Irby, Mark Edelson and other industry experts.

The 2010 Kalish is accepting applications. Details are on the Web site,

Those who graduate from the five-day workshop will be among a host of editors who have improved not only picture and multimedia editing skills, but also management and leadership skills.

Questions? Call or email Scott Sines, 901-529-5843, or [email protected]

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