SND31 Winner-meter™: A periodic peek at the best

This year 10,158 entries received from 374 publications in 42 countries. Throughout the SND 31st edition Best of News Design™ competition weekend we’ll sneak a peek at milestone winners as they’re logged-in and edited for the annual book.

A complete, searchable database of winners will be available on later this month, after the World’s Best-Designed™ competition. For now, we’ll have to satisfy ourselves with a peek…

At the beginning of Day Three we were down to the last 1,300 entries or so. Once the judges get through those last categories there will be an overall review of the medals and any discussion of a Best of Show would follow if any judges are moved to nominate something.

At the beginning of Day Three we had 700 awards of excellence, 33 silver medals and 3 golds.

SND 2010 president Kris Viesselman (generalist and graphics judge at SND31) checks out the tally board at breakfast on Day Three. The finish line is in sight.

THE LAST WINNER: #1097: 19 — Miscellaneous

National Post (Toronto, Canada)

“Staycation” — a summer-long graphic column
Circulation: 200,000

SND31: The final winning entry.

#1050: 19 — Miscellaneous

Louisville Courier-Journal

“Art on Deadline” — a hand-drawn copy of the actual, live news front page
Circulation: 200,000

SND31: Winner #1050.

#1000: 13B — Multiple illustrations for the same story

San Francisco Chronicle

“Obama’s Effect on Black History and Culture”
Circulation: 250,000

SND31: Winner #1000.

#0950: 7Ga — Features page design / Travel

St. Petersburg Times

“Hot and cool”
Circulation: 288,000 / 400,000

SND31: Winner #0950.

#0900: 7Ea –Features page design / Fashion

The Boston Globe

“Spring Gleaming / Beauty Issue”
Circulation: 350,000 daily / 500,000 Sunday

SND31: Winner #900.

#0850: 7Ja — Features design / pages — other

Folha de Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

“The future of tradition / translation”
Circulation: 300,000

SND31: Winner #0850.

#0800: 12B — Magazine / special editions

i (Oeiras, Portugal)

SND31: Winner #800.
SND31: Winner #800

#0750: 2Bb — News design / sections (Local news)

National Post (Toronto, Canada)

Circulation: 200,000

SND31: Winner #750.

#0700: 15A — Photo series, project or story

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “Runway Ready”

Circulation: 230,000

SND31: Winner #700.

#0650: 7Fb — Features page design (Other)

The National (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates). “Verse matters”

Circulation: 60,000

SND31: Winner #650.

#0600: 7Fb — Features page design (Home / Real Estate)

The Birmingham (AL) News. “Spaces summer issue”

Circulation: 170,000

SND31: Winner #600.

#0550: 3Cf — News design / pages (Sports)

Kristianstadbladet. (Kristianstad, Sweden). “Vilken höjdare”

Circulation: 30,000
Aerial of an annual tournament that draws 15,000 people.

SND31: Winner #550.

#0500: 3Ac — News design / pages (A-section)

Expreso. (Hermosillo, Mexico). “Expreso te deseo feliz navidad” (Expreso would like to wish you a Merry Christmas)

Circulation: 17,000

SND31: Winner #500!

#0450: 3Ac — News design / pages (A-section)

The (San Luis Obispo) Tribune. “Her model career”

Circulation: 36,000

SND31: Winner #450.

#0400: 7Df — Features design / pages (Food)

Correio (Salvador, Brazil). “Organic Food”

Circulation: 25,000
SND31: Winner #400.

#0350: 7Cb — Features design / pages (Entertainment)

Liaoning Daily (Shenyang, China). “Chinese Facebook”

Circulation: 165,000

SND31: Winner #350.

#0300: 3Ac — News design / pages. A-section.

Telegraph Herald (Dubuque, Iowa). “A new era (Obama Inauguration)”

Circulation: 34,000

SND31: Winner #300.

#0250: 7Hc — Features design / science & technology

Noroeste Culiacán. “¿Le falta comprar regalos?” (Did you forget to buy presents?)

Circulation: 18,000

SND31: winner #250.

#0200: 5A — Editor’s choice: local/regional

Gulf News. “Eid Mubarak/Haj”

Circulation: 125,000

SND 31: Winner #0200.

#0150: 5D — Special topics

Berliner Morgenpost. “They wept without restraint”

Circulation: 145,000

SND 31 winner #0150

#0100: 3Ea — News design / inside page

Virginian Pilot. “Big Lick: and other odd place names, part 1”

Circulation: 183,378

SND 31 winner #0100

#0050: 14F — Photography / photo illustration

Los Angeles Times. “A peek into the future.”

Circulation: 650,000

SND 31 winner #0050

THE FIRST WINNER: #0001: 3Ba — News design/ pages: local section

Orlando Sentinel. “Shipshape shores.”

Circulation: 330,000

SND 31 winner #0001

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is @GateHouse_Media @CNDaustin VP. Boards: @INMAorg, @SND. He was the 2011 president of the Society; 2015 Lifetime Award recipient. Relocated Detroiter; Syracuse grad.


Wow… what “unexpected” winners… you SND are so daring!

That L.A. Times page is really “original”, guess will look good on the book right?

The only true original piece in these 4 is the Berliner one… nice.

Keep up the “great” work

My appreciation of snark is as good as — maybe better than – the next guy’s, so I see Horacio’s point. But I try not to judge an entire contest by a few random winners. Hope the results end up revealing some originality, which is getting harder now that there’s such a high level of competence in news page design. Makes you wonder what’s worth rewarding at all, doesn’t it?

Gentlemen, thanks for your comments. To be sure, there’s been a lot of great work on the tables all day today, and lots more to come through Monday. This post is intended only to highlight random winners (chosen by their arrival time at the database log-in station only). I think it would be premature to judge anything before it’s over, and certainly not based on four examples of nearly 200 winners. Finally, I congratulate the winners we’ve shown here as a result of their selection by the 21 judges who’ve worked hard all day to get through thousands of entries and give everything a fair look.

Shipshape shores is amazing!! I could not help but continue to look at the details and that makes for a wonderful piece of art. Good Luck to all the worthy contestants.

What are the final totals? Can you tell us who the top winners were, how many medals, that kind of stuff? We wanna know!

I wonder how many pages would win/not win if the newspaper logos were covered up. You can take a page that has the LA Times logo on it and swap it out for any random paper and it’s a loser.

Please upload more pages that won so we can figure out better the level of the competition. Do this and have another beer!!!


Are you saying that professional judges from all over the world in multiple years and multiple groups have been biased because it’s the LA Times?

Are you really willing to say that many people have no integrity?

And . . . would you be willing to say that with your actual name and email attached to it instead of anonymously?

What you’re saying is that no matter who judges them (and we’re talking at least 100 different judges in the last 5 years from all over the world), they look at the nameplate and vote for them because they’re morally bankrupt and would vote for something not on the merits but because of the name.

That’s interesting.

How SND keeps managing to find corrupt judges from every level of paper and country around the world is pretty amazing, isn’t it? I mean, to find SO MANY of them who are willing to just ignore what a terrible looking paper the LAT actually is and continue to give it awards must take a lot of work and plotting by SND.

I can’t speak for Billy — maybe he does feel it’s a big conspiracy thing. But there’s also some possibility that seeing a certain “brand” puts the thought of “quality” into one’s mind. There’s probably studies on that. I don’t think that’s a game changer in this context, but just interesting to think about.

As regards awards hauls, I will say again there’s something bothersome in the fact that LAT (or other top winners) can WIN way more awards than many, many papers can even afford to ENTER pages.

That doesn’t make their work any less deserving. At all.

But in practical terms, if you can put your paper’s pages in front of eyes 200 more times than probably a majority of papers, the math is certainly going to work for you. (OK, if your paper sucked and you sent in 500 entries, maybe it wouldn’t help.)

I’ve just never liked the numbers thing. But I think the judges are above reproach.

Steve, sorry. I forgot to put my last name. Billy Simkins, The Bakersfield Californian. I don’t know exactly what I would be scared of. I think the LA Times does great stuff but I do believe people who look at the papers look to see what paper produced this. I’ve seen the LAT win awards for it’s front page. Maybe I just don’t see it, the front page of the LAT has always felt disorganized and blah. Dog legged stories, photos in random positions etc. Sometime I can’t even tell what story the photo goes with if there is one. If that was the Tanglewood Times I doubt people would hold it with such high standards. I’m not knocking the LAT, I would love to have that flag over some of the work I’ve done. The design on a couple of those winners are basic 10 minute layouts.

BTW, I’ve won 4 snd’s including portfolio with minimal submissions. I put a whopping one in this year. I’m not bitter about winning or not winning any SND.

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