Results: An initial (and unofficial) tally of SND31

Best of News Design 31
Judges and facilitators gather for a group portrait on Monday, the final day of judging for the 31st Edition of the Best of News Design™ at Syracuse University. A giant thank you to everyone for their hard work.

And so, SND31 ended with a flurry of winners — the log-in station and SND International Web Desk were literally buried by the late surge of winners of all stripes and sizes. So much so, in fact, that it took us many hours to dig out. So here now, without further delay, are the unofficial totals from the main competition (the official results will come later — after the World’s Best-Designed™ competition happens and the database of winners can be verified).

Top 10 winners*

(From the general competition — categories 2-19 — based on unofficial, early results)

1. Los Angeles Times
2. National Post (Toronto, Canada)
3. The National (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
4. New York Times + New York Times Magazine
5. Gulf News (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
6. St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times*
6. Cleveland (Ohio) Plain Dealer*
7. La Presse (Montreal, Quebec)
8. Washington Post
9. Virginian Pilot
10. The Denver Post

*St. Petersburg Times and Cleveland Plain Dealer were tied with the same number of total winners.

Your final (unofficial) medal count:

A complete, searchable listing of winners will be available on later this month, after the World’s Best-Designed™ competition, and after the main office has time to verify the database of winners. Unofficial, early results indicate:

  • Awards of Excellence: 1,097
  • Silvers: 53
  • Golds: 5
  • The New York Times Magazine for photo project pages
    The Denver Post for photo series/project.
    Chinese Business Morning View (Shenyang, China) for special coverage / single subject
    Expresso (Lisbon, Portugal) for non-breaking graphics
    La Presse (Montreal, Quebec) for illustrations used in a series

  • Best of show: 0
  • Judges Special Recognition: 1
  • Be sure to check out our Winner-meter™ for a sneak peek at some of the winning entries.

    Up next: World’s Best-Designed™

    All the judges, facilitators and students who helped bring you the main competition of SND31 will fight their way through the storms threatening the Midwest and the East Coast today, but a fresh set of judges will arrive in Syracuse later this week to tackle the 240 entries in this year’s World’s Best-Designed™ (category 1). The SND IWD will simmer down a bit (we never really close entirely) — look for more updates coming out of the final portion of SND31 beginning on Friday.

    Thanks for following along, sharing your comments and feedback, and for entering your great work. We couldn’t do this without YOU!

    And after that: Are you ready for SND 32?

    You’re already working on SND32’s entries each and every day of 2010.

    Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2011: U.S. deadline for entries to be received in Syracuse, N.Y.
    Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2011: Non-U.S. entries must be received in Syracuse, N.Y.

    So pay attention! Take risks! And for goodness’ sake, watch that kerning already! 🙂

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