What students are taking away (with VIDEO)

Student volunteers from Syracuse and Ball State are on hand, laying down pages and then scooping them up, finding inspiration on every table and listening in on judges’ conversations about what works and what doesn’t. “It’s such an incredible experience, just to be here, to hear what the judges are saying, to see it all from a different perspective,” said Chelsea Kardokus, a Ball State freshman. Off to the side, with pages that are already finished with the process, the students are making piles of pages that inspired them. A quick gallery:

Sabrina Lochner, Syracuse: “I’m liking a lot of the international pages, I think they’re fun and refreshing. I like their typographic treatments. I pulled this page because I like how the typography creates motion.”

Sabrina Lochner's favorite page

Julia Kelley, Syracuse: “I like the Chronicle Review, it’s so clean, I love the simplicity and the photography. I grabbed it so I could read the article.”

Julia Kelly's favorite page

Katie McInerney, Syracuse: “We do a lot of college basketball here and sometimes it gets tired. I like this entry because it has SO many ideas, and even though it’s a professional paper these are things we should be doing here – I want to show this to people.”

Katie McInerney's favorite page

Chelsea Kardokus, Ball State: “This page is so clever, with the color use and the way it all ties together – the illustration and the headline. I thought it was very creative, I loved it.”

Chelsea Kardokus' favorite page

Shelby Larkin, Syracuse: “This is about how art, science, religion and philosophy interpret death. It reminds me of Wired’s graphics – how the characters are oversimplified. I do a lot of illustration for our paper … What I’m seeing is a a lot of different styles, and it makes me think about the styles I could use depending on the story.”

Shelby Larkin's favorite page

Kathleen Corlett, Syracuse: “I’ve realized how much I love illustration. On this page I love the intricacy and the color use. I can’t wait to wallpaper my room with these pages.”

Kathleen Corlett's favorite page

Kelly Sullan, Syracuse: “This page, I kept staring at it and staring at it, until I figured out it was about pregnancy. I like abstract, conceptual pieces and I like extra-bold colors. Being here has helped me realize my style as a designer – I think this rummaging is very productive.”

Kelly Sullan's favorite page

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