Evans and Moyer named SND Publications Directors

Dear members:

This year, we are examining everything we do, how we’re structured and how we’re serving our fellow members. We are finding ways to streamline, focus and ramp up the organization’s value and relevancy.

With that in mind, we’re announcing some restructuring of the board and a few key appointments.

Publications leadership restructuring:

The board has approved a restructuring of our publications leadership roles to create two publications director positions. One for online and one for print.

(The past structure included one main Publications Director with many reporting editors: Design magazine editor, Update blog editor, SND.org editor)

The reasons for doing it:

  • This allows more focus on specific platforms, recognizing that both are demanding and our volunteer contributors and editors are very busy professionals
  • Streamlines the hierarchy
  • Recognizes contributions in two demanding positions; allows for re-assignment of votes to people doing a lot of heavy lifting
  • Aligns better with our new publication strategy
  • Allows for easier sharing and planning of coverage best suited to different platforms and publication schedules

Two exciting appointments:

I’m also happy to announce that two spectacular professionals will lead our efforts. Tyson Evans will be our Online Publications Director and Suzette Moyer will be our Print Publications Director.

Suzette Moyer loves her job as art director of bay magazine, a highly visual, upscale publication from the St. Petersburg Times in Florida. She came to the Times in 2006 as a designer and divides her time between the magazine and feature pages.

Previously, she was the director of design and graphics at the Hartford Courant in Connecticut and worked with a wonderfully talented group of artists and designers. While at the Courant, the newspaper was recognized twice by the Society of News Design as one of the “World’s Best-Designed Newspapers.” Prior to working in Hartford, she was the presentation editor at The Sun in Bremerton, Wash. The Sun also won “World’s Best-Designed Newspaper” twice during her time there.

Suzette has won numerous awards from SND, NPPA, SPD and Print magazine. She has been a judge for various design and photo competitions and has taught several design courses. She is married to Bruce Moyer, a three-time BOP photo editor of the year, and currently deputy director of photography at the Times. They have two teenagers.

Suzette is an outstanding art director and designer and will certainly bring considerable creativity and elegance to our print publications.

Tyson Evans has been a driving force in the rethinking of SND.org. He has donated countless hours to leading the design and technical development of our new site. Already, our traffic has more than doubled from last year and we have served 300,000 page views since relaunching in January. And, importantly, we’re building a strong foundation for our digital efforts driven by open-source technology and volunteers, rather than out-sourcing.

Tyson works on the interactive news desk at The New York Times with a small team of journalist/coders who build data-driven Web apps on deadline. He was previously the new media design editor at the Las Vegas Sun, where he helped overhaul its Web site.

He has served in numerous capacities for SND. As a quick course instructor, he co-taught Web Design Boot Camps in Nashville, Las Vegas and Chicago — and will be in Dallas on April 10-11 for the fourth course. He is also a judge for SND’s Best of Multimedia Competition. He has served on the Society’s board of directors as an Executive Committee member, Publications Director and Update editor. In 2008, he co-chaired SND’s Las Vegas Workshop and, in 2009, coordinated the New York City meetup. He’s spoken at ONA, Poynter, multiple SND events and will help lead a SXSW Core Conversation on media education next month.

Tyson also volunteers with the Online News Association, as programming chair for ONA10 in Washington, D.C. this fall, and the Bridget O’Brien Scholarship Foundation, a non-profit that funds student-produced journalism with a global reach. Previously, He was a news design intern at the Los Angeles Times, a freelance photo editor and photographer for USA Today, and editor in chief of the Daily Bruin at UCLA.

Please join me in congratulating – and thanking – Suzette and Tyson for taking on these challenges and for their ongoing service to SND.

Online content contributors:

We’re also grateful to an amazing group of talented professionals who will be regular (volunteer) contributors to SND.org (some have already started):

General columnists:
John Grimwade (UK/US), Matt Mansfield (US), Ole Munk (Denmark), Sarah Slobin (US), Dan Zedek (US)

We’ve also created a network of topic experts to give us more in-depth coverage of specific disciplines. They’ll advise our training/programming efforts and contribute regularly to SND.org. They are:

Fernando Baptista (Spain/US), Luiz Chumpitaz (Peru/Dubai), William Couch (US), Carrie Cousins (US), Tonia Cowan (Canada), Donna Davidson (US), Jess Elder (US), Bryan Erickson (US), Scott Goldman (US), James Gregg (US), Dennis Lowe (US), Geoff McGhee (US), Sean McNaughton (US), Janet Michaud (US), Nick Mrozowski (US/Portugal), Larry Nista (US), Frederik Ruys (Netherlands), Rob Schneider (US), Kathleen Sullivan (US), Juan Velasco (Spain/US), Yuri Victor (US), Jon Wile (US), Kaitlin Yarnall (US), Javier Zarracina (Spain/US)

Please continue to visit SND.org for timely, unique content. We will be adding more features in the coming months, as well. Please let us know if you have a specific idea or want to offer your help: [email protected]


Kris Viesselman, Director of Digital Product Development at National Geographic, is the president of SND for 2010.

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