Karaoke: Crutchmer did it his way, SNDF raised record funds

SND31 Karaoke Night was inspirational. It was raucous. And it was über-successful. SND Foundation president and karaoke sensation Denise Reagan led the Syracuse crowd — and numerous remote Web donors — to raise a record $3,119.25 toward educational activities.

Did you miss out on the action? Don’t worry. There’s still a big chance to step up, join in and sing for the Foundation later this year. Be the first in your SND region to agree to host a site for the 2010 Global Karaoke Event!

One of the many highlights of Sunday night (after that football was finally, mercifully over) was a unique, customized performance by Team Captain Josh Crutchmer:

Please Come to Thailand

By Josh Crutchmer
Okay. So it was karaoke and I was trying to outdo the re-writing of “You Don’t
Know How It Feels” that I did last year, and I blurted out, “What if I
re-write “Please Come to Boston” from the perspective of Tim Ball?” and it was
downhill from there.

I introduced it by saying, “I’m going to do a song about a friend of ours,
and what I want you to do is, when you figure out who I’m talking about, I
want you to donate to the SND Foundation, even if it’s a buck, and by the
look on your face I will realize whether you know who I’m talking about or

We raised a bunch for the foundation with that little ditty.
— Josh Crutchmer

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