GOLD: What happens to our naughty bits as we age

16Bb. Non-breaking news, features graphics

Expresso (Lisbon, Portugal)

Expresso: Sex ages

This graphic called “Sex ages” illuminates the changes that happen to the penis and vagina over 50 years of life.

Art director Marco Grieco, graphic artist Sofia Rosa and designer Pedro Figueiral worked on the piece.

The judges said it was the best piece they had seen so far in the graphics category. Here’s more of what they had to say:

You can imagine what a struggle it would be to illustrate this topic in a way that would pass your newsroom censors. This piece uses a style that makes the subject understandable and approachable but also daring and a little playful. They took a chance and it paid off.

The repetition of the drawings for each age is reminiscent of animation. There’s just the right amount of information, and the strategic use of color and stylized labels help move you through the information. There are no unnecessary elements on the page.

There’s a sophistication in this piece that is often lacking in the other work we’ve seen. This is perfectly executed. We can’t think of one thing to fix.

Here’s a link to the interactive version.

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