GOLD: Compelling illustrations portray rapists and their victims

13B. Multiple illustrations for the same story

La Presse (Montreal, Quebec)
“Rapists and their victims — face to face”

Circulation: 290,000

The features judges gave this series of illustrations depicting rapists and their victims a gold medal.

The judges recognized how difficult a topic this is to tackle. Most publications would play it safe, but this one walked the line in tackling this concept with a visceral edge.

Illustrator Francis Léveillé, AME/Art and Photo Director Benoît Giguére and Deputy Art Director Geneviéve Dinel worked on the piece along with the story’s writers, Michelle Ouimet and Judith Lachapelle.

There is diversity in the illustrations but they hold together as a unit, each one adding more meaning to the whole. The illustrations play off each other without feeling redundant; they say different things even though they use the same characters and style. It keeps reinforcing the concept.

There are layers to to each piece that draw you in. They said these images made them want to stop and think about them longer.

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