Day Two: In the can

As the 31st Best of News Design™ Competition ground late into Sunday night (game? what football game?) legs grew weary, eyes strained and chips continued dropping. By the end of our second verr-ry long day at the judging site, thousands of entries had been reviewed — and weeded out. More than 600 awards of excellence had been given; 33 silvers and 3 golds had been awarded.

Medal discussions and the few remaining categories will have to wait for the final push on Monday — tonight is reserved for rockin’ (we’re headed back to the hotel “early” after more than 12 hours on-site for the SND Foundation karaoke fundraiser — it’s for students, so buck up and sing already). Speaking of, ah, signing, it’s time for a shameless plug for even more karaoke fundraising: Go hear, read more, sign up now.

We’ll be posting on Twitter all night and hope to raise a lot for students. Want to donate tonight? You can do that here.

About Steve Dorsey

is @Statesman VP; relocated Detroiter; Syracuse grad. He was the 2011 president of the Society.

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