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Region 17 can’t boast about membership. I think the main reason is that people think it’s expensive because they get only the book and Design magazine (international events are expensive for them). I continue promoting SND membership.

Other news

Changes SND directors adopted in Orlando in April: “The countries Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan which are currently listed as Region 19 Asia should be moved to Region 17 Russia. The reasons are that a majority speak the Russian language and also the majority of the papers are published in the Russian language.”

The first newspaper design competition and news design workshop was held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (March 2009). And, we gained our first SND member from Kyrgyzstan (corporate membership).

SND events

6th Russian Newspaper Design Competition
The Russian Newspaper Design Competition Organization committee named 56 awards in the work submitted from 2008. The winners were chosen from a field of 48 newspapers representing different regions of Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan that submitted work published in 2008. The seven judges for the competition, who made their choices May 16 and 17, 2009, were:

  • Gayle Grin, The National Post, Canada
  • Marco Grieco, Expresso, Portugal
  • Ivan Anishev, Delovoy Peterburg, Russia
  • Alexandra Konstantinova, Vedomosti, Russia
  • Alexander Vasin, illustrator, Russia
  • Svetlana Maximchenko, Akzia, SND regional director, Russia

For seven competition categories, judges awarded four Gold Medals, 11 Silver Medals, 16 Bronze Medals, 23 Awards of Excellence, one Judges’ Special Recognition award and one Wow award. There was no gold in the Best-Designed category. Akzia from Moscow and Svobodny kurs from Barnaul received silver medals.
Watch the award slideshows for Akzia and Svobodny Kurs.

6th Russian News Design Workshop
Moscow, Oct. 31–Nov. 1, 2009
New organizational and media partner RIA Novosti provided conference rooms (without rent payment) and media support.

  • International speakers: Marco Grieco, Expresso; Søren Nyeland, Politiken; Robb Montgomery,
  • New program categories at the workshop: multimedia design, web technologies, magazine design, etc.
  • 20 sessions for 2 days and 2 workshops (on infographics and photojournalism) on the 3rd day
  • 170 participants from Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, etc. (participation was free of charge)
  • A book with the winners of 6th Russian Newspaper Design Competition was published for the Workshop.

Check out these photos from the event.

Robb Montgomery: “I really enjoyed meeting the visual editors at the 6th annual Newspaper deign conference in Moscow. The sessions were packed and you could tell that the people who attended were really there to learn and soak up new knowledge. People who could not fit into the room were watching us on closed circuit TV. That’s cool. Nice to see such an interest in visual journalism in Russian media”.

Søren Nyeland: “The SND/Russia-conference 2009 was a great experience. As a speaker I enjoyed a disciplined, focused and very young audience. And it was rewarding to meet people and fine newspapers from exotic places – in my perspective – such as the Ural Mountains and Sibiria.”

The conference did have a clear and promising edge to new media and new technology. Another promising development is the general visual standard of Russian newspapers. In the awards ceremony — judge Marco Grieco — from the Portuguese newspaper Expresso — pointed out that within the last year the general visual standard has improved a lot. As a 2008-judge I agree with him.

At this point it is crucial for Russian newspaper design to protect and develop what is significant to the Russian visual language — first of all more design styles of the cyrillic alphabet would be a wonderful experience for Russian readers

Check out this video of judges comments from the competition.

In 2010, we plan the competition judging in May and the conference in the fall. Dates will be announced later.


Some of the most inspiring work in our region is made by Parovoz Studio: Fiodor Shumilov and Olga Privalova. They worked for Delovoy Petersburg newspaper for many years. In March 2008, they received a bronze at Malofiej. Last year, they quit Delovoy Petersburg and founded their own design studio — Parovoz. Now they work for different newspapers and magazines, doing infographics, page design and illustrations. This year they made a page called Anatomy of Petersburg for each issue of Gorod 812 weekly magazine, and they made a plasticine hero that represented Putin for a weekly column at the same magazine. They also made four pages for Akzia and some pages for other Russian newspapers. Some of their work for this year is linked below.

Also I love works by Delovoy Petersburg newspaper from art director Ivan Anishev. Recently they received an award of excellence for cover design on Here are the covers.

I like what is happening in Russian magazines:

Good multimedia work by RIA Novosti agency (Pavel Shoroh and his team):

Happenings and trends

The year 2009 was very tough for Russian media market. Advertising cuts for print were approximately 40 percent. A lot of magazines and papers just closed down; some moved to the Internet. But there is still a lot of government-supported media and also a few publishing houses supported by oligarchs. There are also a lot of independent media that managed to get over the crisis by themselves. Since October-November things are getting better.

At many newsrooms there were cuts in staff and budgets (for example a lot of newsrooms lost their budgets for freelance illustrators or photographers). But on the other hand, it just motivates creativity when you need to find an idea without any possibility to spend money on illustration. And sometimes the ideas are great. People in newspapers and magazines tried to do their best despite of the crisis — and they did.

Akzia Newspaper is
and Akzia Mass Media –

My name is Svetlana Maximchenko, and I’m SND Region 17 Director and editor-in-chief of Akzia Newspaper and other publications of Akzia Mass Media company. I’m one of the founders of Akzia Newspaper in 2001. I run а community about news design and a Akzia Mass Media blog about free newspapers in Russia. Akzia is a general interest newspaper for people aged of 18 to 30. More about Akzia is here. I’m part of SND because I want to change the news design level in Russian papers; that’s why we created our contest and conference. And I love SND events because of inspiration they bring to my work. I’m also love to be part of SND because of the people I meet every year at the international and Russian events. I’m so happy that I’ve met Gayle Grin, Anders Tapola, Robb Montgomery, Terry Watson, Ally Palmer, Soren Nyeland, Marco Grieco and others. And, as far as I know, SND is one of the friendliest professional organizations. I’m happy to be part of it.

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