Viesselman elected SND president

Kris Viesselman, Director of Digital Product Development for National Geographic Maps, has won the 2010 SND presidency, it was announced by Immediate Past President Gayle Grin in Buenos Aires today.

Grin said, in her remarks announcing the results, “All our candidates were passionate SND volunteers who have devoted a lot of time to our organization. Thank you so much for all of you for running. Let’s have new beginnings, new energy and a fresh start.”

431 votes were cast in the election, or a turnout of 31% of SND’s 1,371 members.

Viesselman won by a margin of 20 votes: 223 for Viesselman (52%), 203 for Goertzen (47%), 5 (1%) for write-in candidates.

Dorsey won the vice presidency with more votes than any candidate: 279 (65%) for Dorsey, 150 (35%) for Cox, 1 write-in.

Berlin won the secretary/treasurer position with 273 votes (64%); 147 for Lu (34%) and 8 (2%) for write-in candidates.

All three candidates’ one-year terms begin on Jan. 1, 2010.



In early 2005, Kris joined the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C. She initiates, designs, creates and edits content, directs technical development and launches multiplatform products in collaboration with internal divisions and outside partners. She is also the managing editor of EarthPulse, a visual report on global trends. All projects have self-sustaining business models.

At National Geographic, Kris has joined others in leading the conversion to a truly multiplatform operation, while maintaining brand authority and journalistic standards. She is the director of digital product development for National Geographic Maps.

Previously, she was creative director at the San Jose Mercury News; before that, senior art director at the Orange County Register for nearly six years. She worked five years each at the Los Angeles Times and The Sacramento Bee in a variety of roles. She was on the core teams of three Pulitzer Prize-winning efforts. She and the teams she has led have received numerous awards from SND, Malofiej and Print.

Kris has been a university instructor and has consulted, presented and freelanced across the U.S., Europe and Asia. She has been a judge for SND’s annual competition, Malofiej, and the Asia Media awards. She has presented at numerous Annual Workshops and helped plan three: San Francisco (1990), San Diego (1997) and San Jose (2004). Kris has also spoken at affiliate conferences: SND/Scandinavia and the Malofiej Information Graphics Summit. She will be speaking in Buenos Aires.

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Steve is the deputy managing editor/presentation + innovation at the Detroit Free Press, the treasurer/secretary of the Society for News Design, and a design consultant. He’s been involved in user-centered information design research for many years, as well as revenue model exploration with the Rev2oh project in early 2009.

In the past year Steve has led efforts at the Free Press working with IDEO to train and instill design-thinking and human-centered design principles in the organization’s radical business and delivery model shift, to coordinate quantitative market research and to lead a complete redesign. More recently he’s worked with a team of local, national and international partners on the development of an e-reader edition of the Free Press.

Steve has been a speaker at conferences internationally, a visiting professor at Syracuse University, a recurring visiting faculty member at The Poynter Institute, and a frequent speaker and coach in numerous newsrooms. Steve has also presented at SND affiliate conferences: the IFRA Conference on Design (Paris) and the Malofiej Information Graphics Summit (Pamplona).

Since first volunteering as a Syracuse University student at the annual competition, Steve has worked tirelessly in service to the Society and the craft for nearly 20 years. He’s held numerous positions within the Society.

Steve is a news and culture junkie. When he’s not working, he enjoys playing golf, poker and Xbox — although any success is purely accidental.

For more details, a complete listing of Steve’s SND roles, and notable awards please see


Jonathon has been a volunteer for SND since 2000, when he started writing and designing for the Update newsletter. That experience gave him a glimpse into how the Society works and many of the neat things it does. And the chance to meet and talk with designers from all over the world. He took over editing the newsletter in 2001 and started editing Design Journal in 2004. He’s edited the quarterly magazine ever since. Recently, he’s assumed the role of Publications Director.

In his professional life he’s worked at the Chicago Tribune, San Jose Mercury News, Rocky Mountain News and The Times of Northwestern Indiana. He’s been a design director and designer, a graphics editor and artist. He’s worked days and nights, sports, features and news. He’s rolled out Web sites and redesigns. Invented new publications and fixed old ones.

Right now he’s the graphics editor at the Chicago Tribune, where he lives in the city with his wife, two boys and dog. He likse running and tries to do one marathon a year. He’s done five so far in four different states.