Preparing for a grand Argentine fiesta

We caught up with Gustavo Lo Valvo, Clarín’s design director and our conference coordinator late Tuesday as he was making the rounds with SND’s Elise Burroughs and Susan Santoro, checking over last-minute details late Tuesday. “I want everyone to have a great time,” Gustavo said. One key development with this year’s conference is a larger student program than ever before. “Education in news design here in Buenos Aires is more general. This is a very good opportunity to get students close to our discipline and in front of world class experts. The only way to bring students into contact with these great gurus was to make it free.”

LIVE, FROM BUENOS AIRES: Gustavo reports that one exciting twist to this year’s workshop is that Clarín will be posting video from all sessions held in the main hall — in both English AND Spanish! Later, they plan to post video from the smaller rooms. We’ll post links to the videos as soon as we get them.

WHO’S COMING? There are 774 attendees registered for the conference. The home office has posted an updated listing of who’s registered for the conference here.

I count about 360 non-students. Of note:

86 – Argentina

58 – USA

57 – Chile

41 – Brazil

4 – Canada

ELECTION REMINDER: Have you voted yet? There’s still time: the deadline for voting is 12:00 a.m. Buenos Aires time (EST +1 hr) on Sept. 26. The results will be announced midday on the 26th at the annual business lunch meeting, and of course, here on Update.

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