Photography as a tool for dialog

Today, photography is becoming more and more democratized. Just about anyone can go out an buy an technologically advanced camera, take pictures with it, and share it across the world via the internet. Because of this, photographers must work hard to retain quality in their work and while also taking advantage of new media resources to create opportunities for distributing images. This is the basis of Pablo Corral’s talk, “Photography as a Tool for Dialog,” at this year’s SND Summit in Buenos Aires.

Corral suggests that the loss of the “secret world of the darkroom” has contributed to this democratization and has, in turn, decreased the quality of the work being published in the media. Add to that equation shrinking newsroom staffs, and photographers are now expected to produce videos and Soundslides and sometimes even contribute Flash and interactive programming skills. Corral believes that “in order to produce great multimedia, you need a team. One person cannot produce that much content overnight.”

Corral notes that although the number of photographers in increasing, the number of jobs for photographers continues to decline. In an effort to create community, take advantage of new media resources, and to bring exposure to up-and-coming photographers, Corral founded a social network for working professionals to publish their content online. Corral admits that this site publishes content that might be lower in quality, but he emphasizes that the point is to act as a democracy and create a space just for photographers without the editorial veil.

Ending his talk on a positive note, Corral confesses “To me, photography is a great excuse to live,” and offers the audience a rare chance to see his work set to music and presented by the photographer himself.

By Lauren Frohne, UNC/SND