Nigel Holmes celebrated in Buenos Aires

Presented by John Grimwade, Juan Velasco

Pantone 293…

The glasses…

Landmark information graphics…

Nigel Holmes.

Over more than four decades, Nigel has been a guiding light to information
designers. Workshops, books, lectures, and 16-years as graphics director of
Time magazine. He’s passed on his enthusiasm for presenting information to
thousands of people working in our business today, through the Poynter
Institute, the Stanford Publishing Course, the Rhode Island School of
Design, and conferences all over the world. Since he left Time, he’s run his
own business, Explanation Graphics, and freelanced for everyone you can
think of. The list of his achievements is much too long for this event. I’d
still be talking at midnight.

But just one other important point: Nigel has always led by example, keeping
true to his impeccable standards of visual storytelling. He is, quite
simply, the best.

So, in recognition of his truly outstanding contribution to information
graphics, it is my honor to present Nigel Holmes with the SND Lifetime
Achievement Award.

Ladies and gentlemen: Nigel Holmes.

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