Wide-ranging category Non-Breaking Features finalized

Thirteen multimedia packages were judged as finalists in the 2009 Best of Multimedia Design competition in the category Non-Breaking Features.

The finalists:

Common Ground from mediastorm.org

Cambio Climático from eitb.com

Brewed in Nashville from tennessean.com

Sacred Ground: The Building of the Pentagon Memorial from washingtonpost.com

Intended Consequences from mediastorm.org

Please Touch Museum from philly.com

Pogue-O-Matic Product Finder from nytimes.com

Day of the Dead: Honoring the Departed from azstarnet.com

The Year in Pictures from nytimes.com

I Hope So Too from nytimes.com

One in 8 Million from nytimes.com

Great Performers from nytimes.com

Beyond the barrel: Following where your refuse and recyclables go on collection day from azstarnet.com