Non-Breaking News finalists named

In the large category Non-Breaking News, judges advanced 18 multimedia entries out of a field of 62. All non-breaking categories require pre-planned coverage of a topic or event. Reminder: Medalists will be announced at SND’s Annual Workshop and Exhibition on Sept. 24 in Buenos Aires.

The finalists:

Seeds of Peace: Uganda’s Long Road to Recovery from

U.S. Hospital Death Rates from

Hurricane Tracker from

Madison Budget Game from

Choosing a President from

Electoral Explorer from

Represent from

Crossing the Line: Abuse in Hawai’i Homes from

Mexico Under Siege: The drug war at our doorstep from

A Day’s Work, Four Days’ Pay from

Anticipating Obama’s Inauguration on a City Block in Washington from

Inaugural Words: 1789 to the Present from

Ted Kennedy. from

Immigration Explorer from

War Without Borders: Fueling Mexico’s Drug Trade from

Your Government from

Murder: New York City from

Failed Prostate Procedures at the Philadelphia V.A. from