RECAP: San Francisco meetup

Here’s a rundown of the meetup

First up…News flash from the future: What will journalism look like?

Design and innovation powerhouse IDEO has sketched out 14 scenarios for the future of news. From newsroom cafés to new interactive solutions to sharing information, the future has never looked so bright for newsgathering. Alex Grishaver, design director at IDEO, will present and explain their ideas. Grishaver specializes in systemic design and interactive media, and has led IDEO projects for HBO, Tokyo Metro and numerous other media and technology businesses.

IDEO is one of the premiere design firms in the world. They specialize in developing design and behavioral solutions for many Fortune 500 companies and government organizations. Among its many achievements are developing Apple’s first mouse, the Leap chair for Steelcase and finding new methods of combating childhood obesity for the Centers for Disease Control. Fast Company magazine ranked IDEO fifth in its top 50 Most Innovative Companies list.

Download the San Francisco magazine article about IDEO’s vision of the future.

And then … New paths for news: Experiments in innovation

Matt Mansfield was to have hosted a conversation with Susan Mernit and Chris O’Brien about where social media, distribution channels and the challenges of presentation are heading, but he unfortunately was unable to appear at the last minute because of scheduling conflicts. Nevertheless, Chris and Susan carried on and provided the audience with their insights.

Mernit is a co-founder of Pink Garage, a new online community and resource for women entrepreneurs, and a product development, business strategy and social media consultant who recently ran the 2008-09 Knight News Challenge, awarding $5 million to support innovative local projects that expand online news and community discourse.

And O’Brien is the technology columnist for the San Jose Mercury News, as well as the founder of the Next Newsroom project, which was also funded with a Knight grant.

Mansfield is an associate professor at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and the co-director of its Washington graduate program. He’s also past president of the Society for News Design and a former deputy managing editor of the San Jose Mercury News.

Video to come

Next up…Visualizing data

The New York Times has long established itself as a leader and innovator in visualizing data. From an amusing analysis of Michael Jackson’s Billboard rankings to the incredibly insightful homicide map of New York City, the has become a destination for cutting edge work. Now, Times online extraordinaire Tyson Evans will reveal some of their design and database process to create these amazing visualization of data.

Tyson Evans is an award-winning interface engineer at The New York Times. Previously, he was new media design editor at the Las Vegas Sun.

Plus you should think about … Making the leap into multimedia

From capturing photos on film to taking digital snapshots then ultimately entering the world of video and multimedia, Emmy Award winner Geri Migielicz has navigated through the massive changes in photojournalism. Geri will relate those experiences and give advice on making that transition to new media. Video to come.

Geri was director of photography at the San Jose Mercury News from 1993 to 2009. Under her direction, her department garnered all major national awards for photo editing and photo usage, making the paper a destination for the leading talent in the photojournalism industry. She reported to Mansfield in San Jose and they remain close friends. They both believe in the power of visual storytelling.

Most recently, Geri was executive producer on an Emmy Award-winning Web documentary, and she directed coverage that won a 1990 Pulitzer Prize in general news reporting and a 2003 Pulitzer finalist in feature photography. Geri was a 2004-5 Knight Fellow at Stanford University, where she studied multimedia narratives. She now runs Story4, a multimedia production company.

And for the finale … Funny stuff with Don Asmussen

Meet the man behind the Lies behind the Truth, and the Truth behind those Lies that are behind the Truth. San Francisco Chronicle’s Bad Reporter has been skewering the headlines and providing many laughs for years now. Witness his unique take on the world.

Special thanks to Adobe for co-sponsoring this event!

Pai is the West Coast regional director for SND (Region 8)
and the graphics director at the San Jose Mercury News.


Hi Gang…here I am… running the coolest …the newest art & the best equipped (25 MacPro, 25 iMac/ Heidelberg PrintMaster, CTP Suprasetter/ Zprinter 450 & 310) Design (Graphic, Product) School …only miles from the ever threatening Taliban …at the newest University of Gujrat in Pakistan…wishing that this event be …over our University’s fiber optic broadband net lines!

Hi Professor Fawad Khawaja, live Web cast is in the works. I’ll post up the links on this page when it is available. Stay tuned!

I went to San Francisco Adobe for June 14 meeting to find out more about Flex.
All got was attitude from 2 security guards ,and one couple who was going to present benefits of using Flex.

Decide to leave.

Hi Joseph, sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience, however this is a COMPLETELY different event and people. The meetup is being run entirely by the Society for News Design. Adobe’s role has been only supportive — they’ve graciously donated their facilities, staff and refreshments.

I am surprised about your dealings with their security, because I found them to be helpful and professional. And, I don’t think you will find a problem with any of our speakers who are among the most respected professionals in the industry. They will treat everyone with fairness and dignity.

However, if you do change your mind in coming and have an issue with anyone during our meetup, please let me know.

I would have loved to have been there for this, given that I just returned from the Poynter Big Ideas conference… with a meshing mindest, I think. But, alas, one can only stand so much travel, and one’s bosses can only withstand so much absence from their design editor.

Looking forward to reading everything that comes out of this event!

Pai – Thanks for inviting IDEO to speak! I had a good time, enjoyed the audience and the other speakers. Let me know when the webcast is available. – Alex

Hey Alex, thank you for coming! That was some intriguing ideas that you and your teams developed. We’ll be posting videos later this week and next. So stay tuned!

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