We’re live streaming today from SND Orlando

Across our industry ideas once dismissed as “too radical” are now becoming commonplace. Don’t get left behind! Join us at the Orlando Sentinel on April 17 to see how experimental concepts are rolling out around the country.


9:30 a.m. Registration, bagels and newspapers

10 a.m. The Detroit Free Press fired a shot heard ’round the world when it moved away from home delivery to the Web. Find out how it’s working from the Freep’s DME for Innovation, Steve Dorsey.

11 a.m. What’s the role of print in the digital world? Region 3 director Melissa Angle showcases papers from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale that are reshaping their approaches

Noon Lunch break

1 p.m. It’s the most vexing question of our time: how to make money doing journalism on the Web? SND President Matt Mansfield unveils never-before-seen prototypes created through the Revenue 2.0 project.

3 p.m. Two years ago interactive graphics had little traction on the Web. Then The New York Times transformed the landscape. Interface engineer Tyson Evans shows how digital designers are charting the course ahead.