New York City meetup: Thanks to everyone

We were in New York City on Saturday for a free regional meetup. More than 100 people joined us in person and many more checked in online. The all-star lineup of speakers included graphics legend Nigel Holmes, Rolling Stone art director Joe Hutchinson, former Fortune graphics editor Sarah Slobin, and New York Times interactive graphics gurus Matthew Ericson and Shan Carter. We have presentations to share and we will put up the captured video footage next week if you did not see it live.


Download Sarah Slobin’s (PDF: 29.5MB) presentation here.

Download Joe Hutchinson’s (PDF: 69.7MB) presentation here.

Download the presentation (PDF: 26.6MB) from Matthew Ericson and Shan Carter here.



We had our first meetup in December in Washington: At that event, more than 60 visual journalists showed up to talk about our craft and get to know each other over drinks at The Hawk ‘n’ Dove, a classic Capitol Hill watering hole. It was a lot of fun.

Have an idea for a meetup in your town? Drop me an email and I can help you set it up.

Jon Wile is SND’s East Coast Metro regional director and a news designer at The Washington Post.


Really good, useful program. I was trying to figure out why everyone was so *up* for this “meetup”, despite the fact that it was like the first day of Spring outside and we were trapped in a room with a limited supply of air, perhaps due to Times cutbacks.

The reason is that this was a real bonding experience like the annual workshops. Gone were the territorial disputes between print and online. And, free of visually-impaired colleagues, we were gratified to see so many people like us, designers who are deeply interested in the idea that news media have a future.

Thanks to Jon Wile and the whole team that made this happen!

During these tough times, we couldn’t possibly have a better President for SND—the tireless, clever, creative Matt Mansfield. Under his leadership, SND is aggressively helping us embrace change, grow our skills and celebrate our craft.

The New York meetup was amazing and just one of the many initiatives already under way in the first few months of 2009. This should be an exciting year!

Also, thank you to Jon Wile, Tyson Evans and the team who created the great experience for all of us who attended this weekend.

Thirty years ago the design community was out in front as the first to get it about the wave of technology that was to change the news media. That some hundred people found their way to the New York City meetup, following the impressive turnout (about 600) in Vegas last September, tells us a whole lot about where the leadership is coming from for the next wave.

Congratulations and thanks to Jon Wile, Tyson Evans and their meetup “staff.” And to the likes of Matt Mansfield and Bill Gaspard for being there.

This was an amazing and meaningful event to witness from a distance. Am so envious of all who attended.  But really appreciated the photos, the pdfs, the live streaming…what a vibrant event in trying times. Well done Jon Wile, Tyson Evans, Greg Linch and everyone who helped make this happen. What a great lineup of speakers. Have printed out pdfs and shared the presentations with my newsroom. Thank you!

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